About Us

Hello, My name is Mark Grzesiak and I am president of MG Complete Services. When I started my company I wanted it to be based on trust and a handshake, something that we are losing each day it seems as time goes on. I firmly guarantee that if a homeowner or contractor awards us a job, it is our responsibility to give them the very best workmanship and top quality materials that can be given and that their hard earned money is put to good use. I also believe communication is very important when doing business. I here over and over again how clients can not get a hold of their contractors during jobs, so I make sure my clients can reach me at all times so I can answer any questions that they may have. Another concern I get from clients is “Are you going to finish my job before going on to start another project?” The answer is “YES”, when we start your job you can be assured that we will finish your job before getting involved in any other projects that we may have, which assures you that your job will get full attention and will be completed in a timely manner.

Our Services:

  • Seawalls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Bulkheads
  • Concrete Work
  • Demolition and Clean Up

For more information about MG Complete Services please call us at 407-474-8326 or fill out our
request info form.

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