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Shoreguard Installer

CMI revolutionized the sheet piling industry more than thirty years ago with the introduction of ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling. Prior to that time, most seawalls, bulkheads and water control structures were made of steel, concrete, or treated wood. Many engineers working with these materials have faced a number of design and service issues. Steel rusts, is expensive and requires endless maintenance. Steel is also often coated with toxic chemicals to extend the service life, which can be harmful to the immediate environment. Concrete structures are subject to deterioration through settling, cracking, or the corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Often, additional deep foundations are required when using concrete adding unnecessary additional expenses. Treated wood leaches toxic chemicals, can be damaged by UV exposure, and is eventually compromised by fungus, bacteria, termites, or marine borers in brackish and saltwater.

CMI ShoreGuard Corrugated Wall ( Clay )   CMI Corrugated Wall with Cap

On the other hand, ShoreGuard has provided a cost-effective and sustainable building material for seawalls and other sheet piling structures that can be installed easier and provide a long service-life without toxic coatings or preservatives. ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling is corrosion resistant, UV resistant and impervious to marine worm activity which has made it the top choice for engineers and contractors worldwide. Many now turn to CMI, the manufacturer of ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling, for solutions that offer incomparable benefits:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Sustainable
  • Easy Installation
  • Longer Service Life
  • Zero Toxic Coatings or Preservatives
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • UV-Resistant
  • Impervious to Marine Worm Damage
  • Aesthetic Appeal

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